Mini-RocketBox PLUS

143 Pre-Rolled Joints in 45 Seconds.
3x-4x’s Faster Than Competitors.
1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty.
Official Canadian Dealer

The Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ creates
143 high quality, evenly packed pre-rolls
in 45 seconds that allow for a superior consumer experience.

Efficient and simplistic

Abundant and productive

The efficient Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ is a high volume, commercial grade machine, producing over 143 pre-rolls in under a minute cycle.

Perfect for Start-Ups

This pre-roll machine combines power, efficiency and versatility to maximize your pre-roll production - perfect for start-ups on a budget.

Mini-RocketBox Plus:
Higher Output, Faster ROI

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Superior customer experience

High Output

Producing 43% more per cycle than its closest competitior, one single Mini-RocketBox PLUS machine can fill and pack up to 11,000 pre-rolls daily.

Reduce Costs

Reduce labour and overhead costs, meet demands, accept larger contracts and more - all with one unit that grows and scales with your business.

Exclusive Technology

Using varying frequencies of vibration, the Mini-RocketBox PLUS creates high-quality, evenly packed pre-rolls for a superior customer experience.

Technical Specifications

  1. Materials
    Encased in SAE 304 Stainless Steel
    Aluminum & Other Food Grade Components
  2. Assembly
    Designed, Manufactured, & Assembled in the USA
  3. Power
    Standard 110V | 0.8 HP Motor | Full-Load 5.2 Amps
    5-1/2 ft. Cord Length
  4. Compliance
    UL-Listed Components
    100% Food Grade (Clean & Safe to Use)
  5. Machine Weight & Dimensions
    14" L x 17" H x 10" W
    Approx. 35 lbs
  1. Paper Compatibility
    Compatible with Industry Standard King Size 1 gram (109mm), 1-1/4 (98mm) size for 1/2 gram (84mm) cones
  2. Volume Capacity
    143 Pre-Roll Joints per Run
  3. Software & Upgrades
    Manual Control Panel
  4. Operation
    Fixed Leveling System
    (Cones remain suspended in air inside machine as to not damage of bend the filters)
  5. Warranty & Life Cycle
    1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty
    Motor 10 Year Life Cycle

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