Flawless Packaging, Automated.

Designed to automatically open, fill and seal pre-made pouches for high-speed production rates.

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DOPE Compact Mini Poucher
Occupying only 10 square feet of floor space, this machine easily rolls to fit within your existing production environment.

Fill and seal up to 1,000 pouches an hour. The Mini automatically opens, fills and seals a variety of pre-made stand-up pouches. Our cannabis packaging systems can work with your current pouch supply or we can find the right material supplier for your marijuana retail needs.

Key Features

Quality Construction, Easy to Clean, and GMP Ready.

Constructed with stainless steel and is easy to use, easy to service, and easy to maintain.

Consistent Output.

Features an easy-to-adjust bag magazine for convenient feeding that ensures pre-made pouches enter the machine perfectly square, resulting in consistent output and seals.

Easy Integration.

Easily integrates with any auxiliary filling machines to complete your current production set-up.


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