FlexPak 551 MAX

Designed by seasoned pre-roll pros to meet the high demands of heavy pre-roll production - it's just Built Different.
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Watch the FlexPak 551 MAX in action!
551 packed and closed pre-rolls in minutes!

An ultra dependable, cone-filling workhorse that efficiently produces 551 precision packed & closed pre-roll cones at a time. This highly efficient output makes it ideal for businesses that need medium to large scale pre-roll production.

Key Features

High Quality Materials.

Designed with 3D machining techniques, HDPE food grade plastic, stainless steel and anodized aircraft quality aluminum hardware, and precision machined plates with tapered cone holes.

High Volume Output.

The FLEXPAK 551 MAX produces more cones for the price than any other machine on the market. This, combined with its low maintenance and seamless operations helps reduce production costs.

Long-lasting Durability.

Designed to withstand years of heavy production use and engineered to provide distribution of weight and low decibel output to keep the machine as stationary and quiet as possible.


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