Precision & Consistency

Precision Milling is a continuous throughput mill that delivers fine and consistent plant material for use in pre-roll production.

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An All-Purpose Mill
Low maintenance and simple to clean, with tool-free screen changes.

As one of the more efficient and effective mills, this compact miller can be prepared for full cleaning in 3 minutes and screens can be changed out in 1 minute, minimizing downtime to enhance output.

Key Features

Quality Construction, Easy to Clean, and GMP Ready.

Constructed with 100% stainless-steel and easy disassembly, enjoy fast pressure washing and maintenance for perfect integration with GMP certified facilities.

Safety-First Design.

The glove-friendly control panel with emergency stop is conveniently positioned at the front of the device within easy reach of the operator. The M60 is CSA compliant for guarding and has a safety interlock on the access door.

No losses.

With an ultra low-speed motor, this compact mill protects the integrity of trichomes and minimizes losses caused by degradation. With minimal friction and heat produced, your flower retains more THC and terpenes for higher-quality pre-rolls.

Screen Uses for the M60

The M60 Mill and commercial herb grinder may operate differently depending on the strain and moisture content of your flower. Some cultivators may use different screens with different strains, even for the same processes.

KEY    = recommended use | = can be used depending on strain and moisture content | = not recommended for this product

Part # Mill Screen Hole Size (mm) Hole Size (in) Pre-Rolls CO2 Extraction Ethanol Extraction Hydrocarbon Extraction Fresh Frozen
16-02-005860* ULTRA FINE RASP 1.6mm 1/16"
16-06-006072 FINE RASP 2.0mm 5/64"
16-02-005561* MEDIUM STANDARD MILLING 3.2mm 1/8"
16-02-006234* COARSE STANDARD MILLING 4.7mm 3/16"
- COARSE BLENDING 6.4mm 1/4"
- COARSE CHUNKING 12.7mm 1/2"

*Included with each M60

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