Vape Pen Cartridge Filling Machine (710eSharkUS)

Automated Cartridge & Disposable Filling Machine.
Official Convectium Canadian Dealer

The 710eSharkUS is the ultimate Vape Pen Cartridge and Disposable Filling Machine; check it out in action.

Control and Precision

Precise Injections

Heated injection system, 100 single filling pistons and pre-aligned racks results in accurate and efficient filling.

Filling Flexibility

Use the multiple cartridge preset functions to fill anything from cartridges, disposables, syringes, tinctures, pods and capsules.

Ultimate Efficiency

Fill 100 cartridges in 45 seconds in the fully enclosed system for efficiency and accuracy every time.

Take your business to the
next level in production.

High-quality output has never been easier

Control = Production

The 710eSharkUS features a remote keyboard control and touch screen control system, giving you a handle on optimizing production.

Forget wasted time

The machine's electromechanical system means no air compressors needed, making the system easy to use and - more importantly - easy to maintain.

Handy helpers

The 710eSharkUS comes with both a video manual and remote maintenance assistance to ensure you're operations are up and running. No wasted down time.

Automated Cartridge &
Disposable Filling Machine

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Technical Specifications

  1. Includes
  2. Extra Fuses
  3. Extra Needles
  4. Video Manual
  1. Warranty
  2. 30-Day Testing and HD Live Video Training
  3. 1 Year Full Warranty (Parts and On-Site Labor Included)
  4. 3 Year Parts Warranty (Labor additional after year 1)

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada