Vape Pen Cartridge Capping Machine (710Captain)

Automated Cartridge & Disposable Capping Machine.
Official Convectium Canadian Dealer

The 710Captain is the ultimate Vape Pen Cartridge and Disposable Capping Machine; check it out in action.

Productivity and Precision

Ultimate Efficiency

The 710Captain Vape Cartridge Capping Machine will increase your productivity even more by capping 100 carts in less than 60 Seconds

No more wasted time

No more manually screwing on caps and wasting time on manual tasks. And with no calibration required, simply plug and play.

Precision at it's finest

The 710Captain features a 2-step press process to properly align and lock mouthpieces in place, ensuring the perfect fit every time.

Take your business to the
next level in production.

High-quality output has never been easier

Control = Accuracy

The 710Captain features a multi-stage compression system, ensuring the exact amount of pressure each time, resulting in accuracy and product reliability.

No wasted time

The machine works with the new Snap-on 710Cove Vape Cartridges, capping 100 cartridges in 15 seconds. Saving you time and money.

Plug & Play

The 710eSharkUS boasts a built-in air compressor, ensuring the best result in production.

Automated Cartridge &
Disposable Capping Machine

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Technical Specifications

  1. Details
  2. UL Listed
  3. 110VAC/15A
  4. FLA: 11A
  1. Dimensions
  2. Weight: 275lbs
    Shipping Weight: 325lbs
  3. Footprint dimensions: 76" x 26" x 24.25" (HxDxW)
  4. Packaging Dimensions (Palletized): 40" x 48" x 75"

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada